The bread

We use organic flour from Gilchesters Farm in Northumberland which grows old heritage varieties of wheat. The grain is stoneground and the white flours retain a small quantity of bran giving our finished loaves a lovely creamy appearance.

All Crannach breads have long fermentations, usually about two and a half days for yeasted breads and three days for sourdoughs. All loaves will last about a week, 12 weeks in the freezer. For best results warm in a hot oven after defrosting: this restores the crust.

Our range includes:

Crannach White

Made from Gilchester’s stoneground organic white flour. It is a chewy loaf that will last about a week, then good for toasting. Contains: wheat flour, water, yeast, sea salt.

Crannach Wholemeal

Made from Gilchester’s wholemeal flour. This produces a nutty, aromatic, moist loaf. Contains: wheat flour, water, yeast, sea salt.

Crannach Malted Grain

A  chewy loaf with soft grains, it is made with light malt house flour from Shipton Mill, with a 40% wholemeal content. Contains: wheat flour, water, yeast, sea salt.

Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed

Made with Gilchester’s flour, 50/50 white and wholemeal, the dough is covered in seeds and toasted as the bread is baked. The addition of heather honey, adds a subtle sweetness. Contains: wheat flour, water, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, heather honey, yeast, sea salt.


Made with Gilchester’s flour, producing a white loaf, intensely crusty, tangy, moist and chewy. Contains: wheat flour, water, sea salt.

Nine Seed Sourdough

Made with Gilchester’s farmhouse flour, (90% whole wheat) with a mixture of tasty grains (20%). Dense and aromatic. Contains: wheat flour, water, nine seed mix (linseed, sesame, poppy, pumpkin, sunflower, wheat, coriander, mustard, caraway), sea salt.

Wholemeal Rye Sourdough

Made with 100% whole meal rye flour. This creates a loaf that is tangy and moist, the natural acidity ensures it will last for a week, if not two. Contains rye flour, water, sea salt.